How We Work


How we make the Custom Cables & Box Build

We are professionals and conduct ourselves in a professional manner in our dealings with our clients and our colleagues. We practice quality control checks, quality testing and assurance. We are committed to ensure that business maintains best practices & philosophy of continuous over all improvement. Apps Technology is glad to have earned earned ISO 9001:2008 certification for supply and assembly of cable Harnessing certified Means we take our quality in manufacturing and processes very seriously. We strive to ensure that We are able to achieve customer Satisfaction by the production of highest quality goods and delivering Services As well as after sales support to meet our customer's expectations and needs. We are also working hard towards ensuring continuous improvement in our products, services and systems, which are spread across different departments whether it is manufacturing, distribution, purchasing or value added services. We are proud to say that Apps Technology has been certified with IPC/WHMA-A-620, which is an approved program that demonstrates our commitment to continuous to continuous improve our workmanship standards and soldering operations in building wire harness and cable assemblies.
  • It's all about team

    To deliver cables, military wires ,connectors, switchboards etc of the highest quality takes outstanding teams. Our team works hand-in-hand together to deliver the best products & services. Our agile approach and robust processes allows us to perform to our best on your project. Our production operatives under go on-going trainings IPC-620 to ensure the highest product quality & reliability.
  • Teams together

    An effective venture will likewise mean our team working as an inseparable unit. A steady circle of feedback (through apparatuses, for example : Slack), our Kickoff workshop and general eye to eye get-ups, helps us set up and keep up sound associations with every one of our customers
  • Total Quality Check

    We keep your client as the principle leader in the outline and development stage, whilst you stay in control of the monetary allowance. At every phase of the project, we'll work with you and your clients. We'll welcome a lot of input and utilize that to shape the progressing design and development. Effective user and stakeholder engagement take excellent communication. Our project team will stay in consistent contact with you and your users all through the project lifecycle, boosting their user experience to shape a final. For any project we practice quality control checks, quality testing and assurance. Apps Technology is an authorized ISO9001:2008 manufacturer, certified by European Quality Assurance.